Segala srl is the perfect partner in the management of large contracts. For hotel, residences, office buildings, showrooms and retail in general, Segala srl offers personalized service, absolute reliability and great technical skills. Being able to offer industrial production or customized furniture on a large scale, Segala srl becomes a perfect partner for architects and general contractors in Italy and abroad: its ability in design and production, in fact, joins a staff that ensures maximum commercial assistance and customer care
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    An important project from Panama is reaching the final step. Segala srl is manufacturing 80 kitchens for a luxury residence. After a long planning phase, managed directly with the architects in Panama, Segala srl has realized and installed a ‘sample’ kitchen and, gained the final ok, it started the production of the whole contract. Now the project is almost at its final phase that will include also the quality control and the packaging.
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    Segala srl has been committee for an important project for the far-east in wich the company realized over 400 pieces for bathroom furnishing. From the first client’s drawing to the final realization, Segala srl has followed each step of the project, including quality control and packaging.
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    Segala srl has been chosen for the realization of an office centre furnishing in Torino 2/5 the wall cases tops have been shaped to allow the joint with the windows frames. 3/5 frame/case joint detail 4/5 office centre view 5/5
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    project of a bench covered with false leather 1/4 test in-factory 2/4 the first in-factory installation has guaranteed the precision of the manufacturing 3/4 bench curving detail 4/4
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    curved walls manufacturing for a company headquarter in Spain 1/5 Segala srl followed the project from the planning phase to the installation 2/5 view of the wall installed in the company headquarter in Spain 3/5 the curved wall seen by the main hall 4/5 a detail during the installation 5/5
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